What's new in Ultimate Edition?

Guild of Dungeoneering Ultimate Edition is a completely rebuilt and remastered version of the award-winning 2015 indie hit from Gambrinous. Here's all the big changes:

  • 3 new dungeoneer classes (Guild Digger, Super Chump and Ultra Chump)
  • 25 new monsters
  • 22 new equippable pieces of loot
  • 16 new quests
  • Lots more bard songs
  • Extremely Fancy draw-in animation when you drop a room in the dungeon
  • In-depth tutorial in first mission to teach some crucial info
  • Major improvement to dungeoneer customisation with many more options!
  • Guildopedia added. Can now examine every unlockable attack card and enemy in the game (each viewable after you encounter them)
  • Selection of fancy paper backgrounds to switch between
  • Dungeoneer 'voice' set now has two variations
  • Sharper font rendering throughout the game
  • UI for loot screen massively reworked to better show what you will gain/lose with each choice
  • Full controller support (and keyboard support)
  • Localisation support and first translation (Simplified Chinese)
  • Two DLCs incorporated into main game & rebalanced accordingly
  • Huge rebalance to existing classes with many tweaks and improvements (full details)
  • Scar system completely overhauled into 'Victory Traits' & 'Advanced Victory Traits'
  • Favour system improved with 3 abilities in dungeon and 3 different abilities in fights
  • Show * star icons in various places for tier 1/2/3 content (loot, classes, monsters, quests & regions) to help this info stand out
  • Lots of new animations, art, and polish (check out the little dance when you win a quest!)
  • Improved which dungeon cards you draw each turn (they always fit)
  • Lots more lines for dungeoneers & bosses now have a final line as you beat them!
  • Big improvement to the graveyard. Much more interesting info kept for each grave, and interesting tombstones unlocked by more successful dungeoneers
  • Improved pathfinding/AI in several very useful ways. Also dragging a card out and holding it over the dungeon previews how the path will update
  • Can view current deck from character sheet
  • Huge number of improved or new SFX throughout the game
  • Improved the Favour-based traits for loot, and sprinkled them beyond the DLC content they arrived in
  • Unlock economy rebalanced (especially considering DLC content)
  • Reworked 5 quests with frustrating 'You lose after X turns' lose conditions
  • Reworked ending questline
  • Region markers shown on map in cloudy area before you reach them
  • Better display of how many quests you have beaten in each location on the map
  • Text size toggle for journals
  • Found a way to bring back the old tutorial Rubber Ducky from Guild Classic as a miniboss :)
  • Rejigged guild upgrade screen to group all blessings/dungeoneers/loot into their own sections
  • Cloud Saves (Steam)
  • More interesting achievements (Steam)

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